My Favorite Healthy Snacks



Snacking is not only good for the soul, it has many health benefits too. By eating more often, you can get rid of hunger cravings and also boost metabolism! It’s important what you eat, though. Snacks made from wholesome, clean ingredients are probably the best for you, but sometimes they can get pricey.

Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite healthy snacks that are gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, and clean-eating!


1. Air-Popped Popcorn


When you usually think of popcorn, you think of the rich, buttery, unhealthy stuff, but did you know that popcorn is actually good for you? Popcorn can be clean – only use plain kernels and pop them yourself, though. This is a great snack for munching when you’re bored or hungry – you can eat 3 cups of popcorn for under 100 calories.


 2. Nuts:


Although nuts can be high in calories, they provide a good amount of protein and healthy fats. Make sure you stick to portion control, though. A handful (a bit less than 1/4) should be sufficient.

Pro Tip: Chestnuts are one of the lowest in calories, while Macadamia Nuts are one of the highest.


 3. Fruit:


Fruit is one of my favorite snacks. It’s nature’s candy, and it’s full of vitamins and water. It has carbs (for energy) along with natural sugars, fiber (for fullness) along with tons of great nutrients. Apples or Bananas with peanut butter

Pro tip: Beware of dried fruit. It usually has added sugars.


4. Bars:larabar

Protein bars are a great source of energy if you’re on the go. However, you must be careful to read the ingredients because you definitely don’t want chemicals in your protein bars. If you’re going for plain all natural ingredients, you might want to try Larabars. They’re energy bars with sometimes as little as 2 ingredients (the cashew cookie flavor has only cashews and dates)!

Pro tip: You can also consider making your own protein bars! They’re usually super easy and healthy!


5. Oatmeal:


What???? You might be thinking I’m crazy. Isn’t oatmeal for breakfast? Well, usually, yes. But oatmeal contains fiber, protein, along with anti-cholesterol properties. If you’re not comfortable eating oatmeal in the middle of the day, you can bake it into muesli and granola, blend it into flour for baked goods or blend it into smoothies!

Pro tip: There are many different kinds of oats. For the most nutrients, opt of the least processed (steel cut oats) but if you’re usually short on time, 1-minute oats are a great choice.


So those are my 5 favorite go-to snacks when hunger strikes. Remember, healthy doesn’t mean starving yourself. Healthy means nourishing yourself!







One thought on “My Favorite Healthy Snacks

  1. Synne says:

    Love all your blogposts so far Debbie💕 Keep up the great work! I am going to try making my own Lärabras soon, they sound delicious!💕

    Best Regards,


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