What does it mean to be healthy?



It’s a word often thrown around: “Oh, she’s so healthy,”; “You should eat healthier,”; “I wish I could be as healthy as her,”.

But… what does healthy really mean? Are you considered healthy if you’re anorexic? Do you have to be a certain weight to be healthy? Do you have to be on a diet? Skinny? Are you healthy even if you’re overweight? Does being healthy mean you spend hours in the gym?

For most people, a stereotypical “healthy” person was someone who was skinny, spent hours in the gym, and controlled what they ate. Contrary to popular belief, a healthy person might not be any of the above!

So what does being healthy mean?

People interchange the words healthy and skinny too often. Low-calorie foods are “healthy” while high-calorie foods are “unhealthy.” – I’m using quotations because it’s what society defines healthy as. 

I used to think like that.

I though in order to be healthy, all I could eat was chicken breast and broccoli. The problem? My perception of healthy was COMPLETELY WRONG. I wouldn’t eat anything high in calories because it was “unhealthy”.

In reality, healthy is not a body type or a number on the scale. It’s how you feel that matters.

Healthy foods don’t need to be low in calories. Case in point: avocado and nuts are both healthy, but neither of those are very low in calories. (In fact, they’re considered on the higher end. ) Nonetheless, these foods are full of nutrition and healthy fats that are good for your body. Even though they’re not low in calories, they’re healthy foods. 

Being healthy is not all about being skinny. Don’t get me wrong here. Skinny girls can be healthy. I’m not saying that they can’t. However, being skinny doesn’t automatically mean you’re healthy (just as being larger doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unhealthy.)

Not everyone is born with the exact same body type.

For example,  Person A  might never gain weight even though they eat burgers every day. Person B works out and eats nutritiously dense food, but they’re chubbier. Who’s healthier?

Hopefully. you chose Person B. Someone doesn’t have to be perfectly built to be considered healthy.

Being healthy does not have one definition. Being healthy can mean something different for everyone. It is not one stereotype or set of rules you have to live by.

Being ‘healthy’ will mean different things to many people, but personally, healthy means feeling fit, strong and confident. Healthy is not a size or a number on a scale. It’s more than that.  It doesn’t mean eating nothing but chicken breast and spending hours in the gym, either. Healthy foods are foods high in nutrition and vitamins.

To be healthy is to love your body and give it the care and nutrition it needs and deserves. It means eating a balanced diet filled with wholesome foods and giving your body energy by eating the proper nutrients (carbs, protein, FATS, fiber, etc) to do all the things you love.

My point? Being healthy isn’t all about being skinny. It means loving yourself and being happy, too. That’s what matters the most.





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