10 great ways to stay motivated!

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Hi guys! Wow. We’re already 8 weeks into the new year. How have you been doing on your goals this year? Have you been sticking with them, or have you started to slack off? It’s alright, that happens sometimes. But get ready to jump back in and try harder! Today, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite tips and hacks to help you get and stay motivated!



1. Schedule it in:

One of the most effective ways to stay motivated is to schedule your workout in, either by using your phone or your planner. Give yourself a 30min to an hour for personal workout time, and I guarantee that by scheduling it in, you’re wayyy less likely to miss it!


2. Grab your friends and family:

Accountability is key. Another great way to stay motivated is to get your friends and family into it. Schedule your workout with your best friends, and trust me, you won’t skip it (nobody wants to let their friends down!) Besides, it’s a win-win. You’ll get to workout and get some girl time in! Friends who workout together stay together. Rightttt?


3. Reward Yo’self:

A super great way to stay motivated is to reward yourself after you reach a milestone. Say you’ve eaten “clean” for two weeks now, or you’ve worked out every day for the past month. Don’t forget to give yourself a reward! New clothes or a massage or a YOLO meal are great ways to celebrate. (And let’s be honest here. This is my favorite way to stay motivated.)


4. Remind yourself of your goals:

It’s easier to stay motivated if you’re constantly reminded of your goals. Write your goal down down on a slip of paper and put it somewhere you can constantly see it. A great tip is to turn it into your lock screen. Reminders (though small) can make a huge difference!


5. Jazz up that workout space:

Pretty things are a great motivational tool. It’s true. So if you’re lacking workout motivation, it might be time to throw out that old brownish yoga mat. Get some cute equipment, change the lighting, or maybe even choose a different area! If you’re someone who takes fitness pictures, choosing an area with great lighting can make you feel more excited to workout. By decorating your workout area, you’re definitely going to want to workout more, and when is that ever a bad thing?!


6. Know your reasons:

Many people begin working out purely for the sake of aesthetic reasons, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it’s easy to get discouraged. Don’t workout purely because of other people. Workout for yourself. Workout because you want to feel healthier or stronger. Don’t workout just because somebody criticized you or because you’re jealous. You’re going to enjoy your workout so much more if you do it for you. It’s so easy to lost motivation because you’re not working out for the right reasons.


7. Get some pretty workout clothes:

Sure, it’s possible to do your workout in that baggy t-shirt and old sweatpants you found in the back of your closet (and I’m not judging). But what’s the fun in that? Treat yourself to some cute and comfy workout clothes (they don’t even need to be expensive!) and dreading a workout will be a thing of the past. 😉 No, really.


8. Take a before and after picture:

Too many people use the scale as their form of measurement, and let the number on the scale control them. Don’t get me wrong: a scale is a great way to measure how far you’ve come, but only weight-wise. And scales don’t always speak the truth – muscle weighs more than fat, so it’s possible that you’ve gained weight even though you toned down. So take pictures and measurements, because measurements don’t lie 😊😊😊


9. Journal it in:

Track it, track it, track it! Write down your feelings and your improvements after your workout. If you’ve been feeling happier and lighter, write it down! Whenever you’re tempted to skip a workout, peek into your journal and remind yourself how far you’ve gone!


10. Find a workout you love:

Working out shouldn’t be a chore. I repeat, WORKING OUT SHOULDN’T BE A CHORE! If you hate running on the treadmill every day, you’re going to lose motivation reallly quickly. Instead, find a workout that you enjoy, such as dancing or swimming. By turning your workout from something that you have to do into something you want to do, you’ll begin to look forward to it and stay encouraged for a way longer time!


So those are my top ten tips to staying motivated! Remember fitness is not a body type. It’s a feeling and a way of living. What’s your favorite way to stay motivated? Do you have a method that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments below!




“Get fit for life, not just for summer.”



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