Gaining Muscle for Girls (Guest Post ft. Stephanie!)


The Girl's Guide to Building Muscle


Hey guys! I hope you’ve been destroying your workouts and eatin’ lean and clean!

Today I have a guest post from the amazing Steph (@xogingy //, who I asked to write a post about Gaining Muscle for Girls. I think that you’ll really benefit from her advice. I mean, I sure did!

Take it away, Steph!


Many girls are afraid to step into the gym and lift weights. Why? Probably for a few reasons. It can be intimidating. You think it’s going to be a bunch of buff guys judging you. Or maybe you’re afraid to lift weights and build muscle because you’re going to BIGGER and BULKIER. Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s absolutely not the case.



Lifting weights is actually more beneficial at burning fat than cardio is. You can ditch the treadmill and get a good sweat session from lifting. Also, when you lift weights and build muscle, your metabolism boosts LONG AFTER your workout is done! Therefore, your body turns into a fat-burning machine! And I can guarantee that lifting weights will sculpt a strong, lean body that YOU want that doing just cardio won’t provide.


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So, how do you do it? You take that leap of faith and get into the gym. When I first started,  I had one personal training session to learn how to work and use all of the machines. The personal trainer also gave me a workout plan to follow. But there is no one plan that works for everyone. It depends on many factors – like how many times you will be training each week, your goals, etc. I would suggest doing at least 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days a week. Start with compound movements like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, and bent over rows. (If you don’t know what these exercises are or how to do them, Google becomes your best friend!)

Research, research, research! Educate yourself on different lifting styles and plans, and eventually, you’ll be able to set one up for yourself. Generally, I like to stick to a “bodybuilding” style plan which consists of doing one movement 8-10 reps for 4-5 sets depending on the exercise. My workouts are about an hour long so you can judge for yourself how many exercises you do. I take about 1 min rest between sets. Lately, I have been going heavier and doing heavier sets with less reps – about 3 to 5 reps. I would take longer rest between those sets because those lifts are more challenging and you want to give your body and muscles time to recover for the next set.

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Overall, weight lifting will not only give you physical strength and shape your body beautifully, but it will give you CONFIDENCE and empower you through other aspects of your life.



Now wasn’t that refreshing? Many people (me included) focus too much on cardio because it helps us “lose weight”. But weight lifting does that and help us build muscle! How cool is that?!

Question of the Day: Do you lift weights? What do you think about gaining muscle? Let me know in the comments below!




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